We do offer translations completed by university lecturers specialized in different fields.
For our translations we take advantage of the professional experience of accountants, civil engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc.
Our translations cover:
- All kinds of administrative documents;
- Technical specifications;
- Juridical documents;
- All kinds of foreign administrative documents.


- We help legalize Bulgarian documents
N.B. Legalization is done by state institutions only, e.g. by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the authorized body that proves by an apostille either the signature of the translator (specimen) or the translation, or both signature and translation.
Intermediary Services:
- We help Foreign and Bulgarian partners find trusted employees for their projects in areas such education, tourism, cultural institutions, schools & kindergartens, etc.;
- We help Bulgarians work like an Au-Pair in Germany and Europe.

Management Consultancy

- You can always rely on our knowledge and experience in finding the right partners;
- We do consecutive and simultaneous translations in commercial negotiations or technical undertakings.

Individual Training Sessions

We organize on demand highly professional training sessions for those who apply for foreign Universities and colleges.;
- We prepare applicants for passing the TOEFL, the DSH and the Test-DaF (German for University access) exams, and the DALT (in French);
- We offer individual sessions for German or English for Special Purposes;
- We offer individual sessions for learning Bulgarian.

Guided Tours

- We offer guided tours for those who wish to explore the region either by car or by foot;
- We’ll acquaint you with the past and present of this wonderful Southwestern part of Bulgaria;
- Mountain guided tours are possible, too.